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The motivation to create emotional and family security will also be paramount, from May 15 - July 1, as Mars moves through tender Cancer. A Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18 will remind you of that delicate balance in this physical world. Although it's wonderful to have possessions, you can't take them with you when you leave.

Spend time focusing on your more intimate connections with those closest to you and how those relationships really are what sustains your body and soul. When it comes to romance, you're all about physical demonstration after May 15 once Venus enters Taurus. You need your partner to show you what he or she is made of. Whether it's a home cooked meal, a massage, gentle cuddles in the middle of the night, or lusty lovemaking, you require your senses to be stimulated in order to feel the love. Your love life continues to blossom through May 15 thanks to Venus moving through your sign.

If you're in a relationship, you'll feel completely adored by your lover. If single, you'll have no trouble attracting others. Your flirty nature will be at its brightest! There might be a problem in career between the May that has to do with your unwillingness to yield to the systems that are being imposed upon you. Truth be told, it looks like you're about to strike out on your own in a magnificent way. If there is trouble professionally, it will be the catalyst for you creating an entirely new way to earn money.

Between a New Moon in your 2nd House of Income on May 4 followed up with Venus entering the same area of your chart on the 15th, there is no way you're going to end up in the poor house! You'll do anything necessary to fight for your family and your personal homeland security. Aries' keywords for May: sexy, flirty, career breakdown, money, abundance, authority problems, home, domestic warrior. You'll be in your luscious glory all month thanks to the planetary patterns in the sky.

It all starts with an amazingly perfect New Moon in Taurus on May 4.

This is your personal lunation to plant whatever seeds you'd like to see bloom in the garden of your life. There's nothing but rich and fertile soil available to you now, supporting the growth of what you want most. Be sure to set those intentions and then back them up with your signature style of determined action. Venus moves into your sign on May 15, offering you a major boost in the love department. Whether you're single or attached, you can look forward to twists and turns in your romantic world on May Venus and Uranus will join forces on this day, and a Full Moon in your partnership sector promises complete illumination of where you need to be vulnerable in matters of the heart to reach true intimacy.

It will also reveal any "dark matter" in your current relationship that needs attention. Taurus' keywords for May: fresh start, initiation, intimacy, emotional, dark, beautiful, rich, growth. With Mars in your sign through May 15, plan on getting your most important projects started during the first half of the month.

In fact, you've got more courage than usual this month, and this will ramp up your powers of attraction. If you're single, then pay attention to May 14 when the two cosmic lovers -- Venus and Mars -- engage in a playful link. You might be brave enough to make the first move and ask someone out in your social circle you know thinks of you as more than just a friend. In a relationship?

May 9 is a day to circle. Your sweetheart might do something that makes one of your dreams come true.

Expenses might flare up after May Mars moves out of your sign and into your earned income sector then, where he'll remain until July 1. You make money and it instantly goes out. The good news is that you CAN keep up with the bills. In fact, you've got all the energy you need to be a money-maker. Gemini's keywords for May: passion, zest, sexy, courage, expensive, money, bills, partnership dream.

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This is your ultimate "make a wish" lunation, so don't waste it! You have more power than you realize to turn your intentions into something tangible. Come May 15 Venus enters the same area of your chart, and suddenly your friends want to help you in any way possible. Let them!

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Also on May 15, Mars will move into your sign, and that signals a major push for you in terms of stamina and zest. The energy to crush your goals and your enemies! This will also do wonders for your sex drive just in case things have been sleepy in that department. Speaking of sex and love, a Full Moon in your romance sector on May 18 in Scorpio will have you feeling intense emotions for someone special.

You don't just want to love this person; you want to devour him or her. Cancer's keywords for May: wish fulfillment, friends with benefits, Sex, Sex drive, power, possessive, obsessed love, romantic fulfillment. You're a powerhouse when it comes to your career this month, Leo!

It all starts with the dynamic New Moon in Taurus on May 4 which lands at the very top of your chart. Whatever you start up now that has to do with your professional goals will bring stability and positive transformation. Money is there, too, thanks to Venus moving into your 10th House of Career on May Until June 8 you'll feel more appreciated than ever by your boss or the bigwigs in your industry! Family matters are a key theme near the Full Moon on May You might hear emotionally charged news from a relative, or you may be putting the finishing touches on a home renovation or be ready to move to a new location.

When it comes to love your best day of the month is May 9. Venus will be at a gorgeous angle to expansive Jupiter, now in your true love sector. The faith you have in your sweetheart and in your love life potential will be rewarded. Leo's keywords for May: career growth, opportunity, solid job, validation, appreciation, romantic faith, domestic transformation, family emotions. A financial win that has to do with a family member or with real estate is coming your way! On May 9 Venus will create a dazzling link to Jupiter, the planet of blessings, now in your 4th House of Home and Family.

You might receive money from a relative, but you can just as easily hit the jackpot with finding your dream home. The pursuit of your greatest aspirations will be your number one goal after May 15, thanks to assertive Mars.

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You'll have courage to move forward and make your hopes reality until July 1. You might also need to defend or protect a dear friend. Mama or Papa Bear energy will come out fiercely! Romantic opportunity has to do with faraway lands and intellectual pursuits this month. If you're in a relationship, then you and your sweetheart might plan a trip abroad after the 15th, courtesy of Venus moving through your 9th House of Adventure. Sign up for a class at your local college. You could meet someone worth getting to know. Virgo's keywords for May: dream home, inheritance, family joy, wishes fulfilled, protecting friends, travel, study abroad, love of learning.

To invite her energy into your home and spirit truly opens you to a surge of vitality and strength. Adorn your home with daffodil, Eostre flower— but make sure you have an entire bunch because a single flower will draw poverty and hard times.

And, if you give someone a gift of daffodils, they too will have good fortune. Add some crystals like Carnelian: reestablishes vitality and motivation, wakes creativity. Or Labradorite because it supports transformation and strength through times of change; banishes fear and anxieties. Nothing says spring like baskets, bunnies, and eggs. Include egg or bunny figurines. Use plastic fillable eggs to store slips of paper on which you have written your goals.

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Put them away until summers end to see what was manifested. Plan an egg dying party. Use the following list to color the eggs as you infuse with intentions for the coming season- White: purity, innocence, birth, Yellow: youth, light, happiness. Red: passion, love. Green: renewal, hope.