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Amongst all of these Astrology has taken the main role since long. Which means light guiding us to eternal immortal almighty. In the modern era, it is addressed as Vedic Astrology. VedicGrace Foundation is providing Online Jyotish classes. Which can be can be taught, all you need to have is the interest and the will power to learn it.

We VedicGrace Foundation has successfully taught several batches of students and most of them are successful and are practicing astrology across the Globe.

T o learn Indian astrology you need not have any minimum knowledge of astrology. All you require is a basic computer or laptop, an internet connection a headphone along with a mic. If you are interested in learning it from your home comfortably. O ne exclusive benefit for you is that if you have dropped out half way through our Online astrology classes because of any emergency or any personal reasons, you are free to join and continue to learn in the next upcoming batch!! A ll our Online astrology courses are intended to prepare you into a Professional Astrologer and explore the puzzles of the Zodiac to Predict Fame, Fortune, Wealth, and Success.

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Without a doubt, you will end up being a genuine astrologer with appropriate and important information on accurate reference books and different resources, how to deal with customers and rehash clients. Trust me; the opposition and competition are still generally low because of the way that quality astrology data and winning fundamentals are difficult to find. Course duration: 3 Months. Lessons starting date: 17th of August onwards. Class duration and timings: 2 hours, Flexible Timings.

Mode of teaching: Live interactive online in a virtual class room. Taught by: Vinayak Bhatt. You can learn sitting at home. Fully interactive with questions answers and discussions of hundreds of birth charts.

You can record and replay the entire class proceedings in a Video on your computer and replay when ever you want. Study material of Nadi astrology will be provided whenever required. Pay by credit card or debit card online from 2. Transits of Planets — Examples.

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How to Predict? Click to read more below! Vastu- Vedic Design. Vastu helps us to understand why sleep the way we do!

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See more below Numbers and Consciousness. Ayurveda - Agni. Agni - The Key To Health Agni is our capacity to 'digest' our food, but also our experiences and relationships. Read more below Join Our Growing Community! Classes and Tutoring. Private Tutoring. New Classes In Vedic Astrology.

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Classes and Seminars Here are examples of classes and seminars that I am available to teach locally and I can travel to your area to teach. Jyotish and Birth Psychology: Birth Trauma through the lens of a horoscope. Sanskrit for Everyone—-learn how to read and write Sanskrit in just weeks!

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Ashwin Rawal 7 months ago 0. Ashwin Rawal 1 year ago 0. Yoga in Vedic Astrology. Jul 20, Apr 29, Auspicious Muhurat. Oct 8, May 19, Oct 15, Oct 12, Apr 18, Apr 11, Learning Astrology: An enjoyable process that needs patience Anyone willing to learn astrology requires patience and time, particularly since it has many parts and is told in Sanskrit.

About Vedic Astrology Lessons The astrology lessons are divided into 12 parts like the basics of astrology, astrology glyphs, birth charts, houses, planets, zodiac signs, ascendants, transits, relationships, facts, chart reading, and divisions. Free Horoscope Reports. Sign in. Home Panchang. Politician astrology.

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