Mithuna rasi january 2020 horoscope

Overall married life will be satisfactory during the year.

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Working spouses can expect progress in their careers from August to October. If you have children, be careful about their health during the period from April to July. On the academic front, children will excel in their areas of interest during the commencement of the year. Last quarter of the year will be highly gainful for children of Mithun people. Family Rashifal for Mithun people foretells that the year will be highly encouraging. You can expect harmonious relationships to prevail in the family atmosphere. Your success in life will be governed by a peaceful family.

The combined influence of Saturn and Jupiter will impact your family life both positively and negatively from April to July.

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Property inheritances are likely from March to May, while September is auspicious for renovations and for buying of new houses. The second half the year will be a period of stress and strain for the family. In spite of all these problems, by and large, family life will be pleasant during the year. Finance forecast for Mithun persons during the year is not very encouraging.

The aspects of Jupiter will cause financial miseries from April to July.

The period from January to March and months of May and December will prove beneficial for money matters. Not only your income from regular sources will soar, but also windfalls from unknown sources are likely. You should desist from indulging in speculative investments as they may turn counter-productive. Expenses will go up by a considerable measure due to the negative aspect of planets by the end of September. It is vital to manage your finances intelligently by cutting down expenses and by putting money in sound investments.

Health predictions for Mithun Rashi people for the year indicate that the period from July to November will be positive for their well-being. Health can be enhanced by a good diet regime accompanied by a regular fitness routine.

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Mental health will be equally important. Months of April and July are not conducive for good health of Mithun people. Planet Saturn is not favorable during this period, and you may face pains and fatigue.

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The health of a parent will be a matter of concern. The year portends to be fruitful for people pursuing academic interests. The year is good for studying professional courses. Success will be surely assured if you are diligent and regular in your studies. The months of November and December are particularly favorable for studies.

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