Day no 3 march numerology

Numbers were not invented, they were witnessed in the pursuit to understand the Universe we live in.

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In order to understand the deeper meaning of life, of space, and of our earthly existence we observed nature. Everything in nature follows a mathematical code of order and a sequence. Looking at the world this way has allowed us to understand creation, and our journey through this story of birth , life, and death. The very first mathemticians and numerologists were intrigued by the number 3 and believed that it held powerful creative potential. The number 3 represents the material and the ability to express, create, and manifest in this 3D world.

The number 3 is the building block of life as we know it. It represents the beginning, the middle, and the end. It represents the sum of who we are- a mind, a body, and a soul.

The number 3 represents creativity, it represents communication and outward expression, it also represents our highest truth and our inner voice, that guidance that always knows how to soothe us and point us in the right direction. The symbolism and magic of number 3 runs deep and so, on this third day of the third month in a number three year, we can tap into this energy and use it as a reminder, as a signpost as to where we are on our journey.

We can use this day to share our truth, to get creative, and to put our ideas and plans out into the world. We can use the energies of the day to reflect on the story of our lives and to ensure we are writing the story that we want to tell.

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We are all co-creators on this journey, and while we may not always have control over the events that come our way, we do have control over how we choose to handle them and how we choose to grow from them. Just as we grow and expand, so too does the Universe. So communication is already a bit wonky.

Numerology: The Sun Numbers | World Numerology

This is the month to really tap into that side of you that sits in silence when something disagreeable is happening around you. To anybody. You still have to think before you speak. You have rights and powers too. Speak your truth. Not doing that is living in fear. Communicating goes both ways.

When someone says something that you may not like, be okay with it. Respect them for being fearless and trusting you with their truth, even if they are saying no to you. This helps you to win too. Be funny. Engage in humor. And laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh. Little slips will happen under Mercury retrograde. Laugh it off.

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Humor shows a real side of life that allows us to open a higher intellectual plane and relate to our fellow humans in an enjoyable way. It bonds us. Want to learn something new? Give yourself a reboot on something you are curious about. Take a cooking class. Take an eating class!

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Magic happens. If you give someone a yes, follow through.

3, 12, 21, 30

If you say no to someone, follow through. Check in with them and ask them how that event or experience went, let them know you are on their plane. Follow through with everything you said yes to as well. Learn more here Your yearly cycle is the basis for your Personal Month cycle , which in turn produces your Personal Day cycle, also called Your Daily Number check out your free Daily Number Forecast here Keep in mind that, as with all numbers found in your Numerology chart, their influence is limited to the area they affect. The Sun Number focuses on your attitude toward changes, which is particularly helpful when challenges are unexpected.

Sun Numbers in Numerology

Your Sun Number is easy to calculate and never changes. Simply add your month and day of birth, and reduce to a single digit reduce Master numbers to a single digit as well.


If you were born November 23, add 11 for November and 23, is Reduce 34 by adding 3 and 4 to find the Sun Number 7.