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Mercury and Venus conjunct in Libra can bring new relationships, new partnerships or new deals.


Saturn is in a tight conjunction with the South Node the whole month of September. The aspect is within 1 degree and it will become exact on September 28th, You may try to turn back the clock of time, but Saturn has just turned direct. Leave the past in the past. The first two squares occurred in January and in June. Jupiter square Neptune may have had dissolved your beliefs — but only so that you can find a higher meaning, a higher order, a higher purpose for your life. We are at crossroads, after the mutable changes in the 1st part of the month. September 23rd, Sun enters Libra and we have the Southern equinox.

The day is equal to the night no matter where you are on Earth. The two equinoxes and the two solstices are the 4 most important dates in a year.

Mutable T-Square

If you act now, you too will be a force of nature. All Mercury-Pluto squares come with obsessive thoughts. Mercury is our mind, and how we make sense of the world. Pluto, the God of the Underworld, wants to dig deeper. You can become obsessed with finding the truth and no answer will satisfy you. Thankfully, Mercury in Libra is balanced and rational — so if you stay rational and detached, you may well find the truth.


On September 28th, Saturn is conjunct the South Node for the last time. The transit will take place just one day before a new Lunar cycle begins. Saturn is now direct and he will not change his mind. He is ready to move on. This is the last day of the Virgo lunar cycle, on September 29th we will have a New Moon in Libra so we can start again, this time with a more balanced, rational outlook.

The New Moon is opposite Chiron. One way out of that T-Cross is to develop a practical, detailed personal philosophy. Another would be to take long trips that are work related. But that Saturn is Singleton by chart shape.

Keep busy Winona. Gennifer Flowers : has a T-Cross in Cardinal signs. Her Moon in Aries is opposite Neptune in Libra. Both are squared by Mercury in Capricorn. The Moon so close to the Mid-Heaven tends to bring her or what she does before the public. Mercury, the communications planet, is, once again, in Point Focus. A good combination for a reporter. The presence of Neptune, however, gives a talent for embellishing reality. This gives a talent for fiction writing NO , this is Not a comment on her news stories or her statements about that affair with President Clinton!

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People with this one can remember things that seem impossible to remember, but little, obvious day-to-day things slip right under the nose. This is particularly difficult for someone with Mercury in Capricorn, like Gennifer, because Mercury in that sign goes crazy if it forgets one little thing guess where my Mercury is. The T-Cross itself has that empty leg aiming towards her 12th house.

It could be a plus though, if one were doing investigative reporting, finding out hidden things and bringing them to the light of day. The Cardinal sign emphasis of her T-Cross makes Gennifer action oriented, going from crisis to crisis and loving it. Marilyn Monroe had a T-Cross in Fixed signs.

Neptune in Leo was opposite both the Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius. Saturn in Scorpio gets to be in Point Focus by squaring all three. With her Moon emotions square Saturn and widely conjunct Jupiter, Marilyn's mood swings must have really been a problem. Neptune adds fantasy and drugs, and alcohol.


But that T-Cross aims straight up, towards her 10th house career. The rest, as they say, is history. Instead, most of her work was in light comedies, and in her personal life, she got caught on the crossbar of her T and went from one relationship to another. That Neptune opposite Jupiter expected every fleeting relationship to be the real thing. Those squares from Saturn always brought her crashing down. Monica Lewinsky : has a Cardinal T-Cross. Uranus in Libra is opposite Mars in Aries. Both are squared by Mercury in Cancer , which makes this planet of communications the Point Focus.

Ok, so the square between Mercury and Uranus is a little bit narrow. The rule is that whenever planets make a special pattern like a T-Cross slightly wider orbs may be used for the aspects. A Cardinal T-Cross needs crisis, action, and excitement.

T-Squares and the Missing Sign: The Astrological Witching Rod

I think everyone can agree that Monica outdid herself in that department. The empty leg of the T aims towards her 4th house home, the foundations of the life. What Ms. Lewinsky has to concentrate on is making her own personal life solid and stable. That will make it easier for her to go on to future adventures. What a chart! Jupiter in Taurus opposes both Venus and Mars in Scorpio. The Moon is in Point Focus by squaring all of them. But the Moon is also part of a Grand Trine in Fire signs. A very rare and powerful combination. The Moon in the 10th house is good for getting noticed.

That placement can give an emotional need for attention, especially when in Leo, the show business sign. But Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon, is on the cusp beginning of the 9th house which, among other things, rules religion and the principles we live by.

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What To Watch For Why? Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are making a t-square in the sky right now. The t-square is happening in the mutable signs, perhaps emphasizing the presence of multiple responsibilities, jobs, tasks, burdens, visions, and goals happening at once.

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How do we decide how to prioritize our time, money, and physical energy? How do we determine where to focus our efforts for the future? What needs to get cut out, consolidated, minimized or reorganized?